As December rolls into our lives, I am overwhelmed and excited about the upcoming season. For kinders this means snow, anticipation, stressed parents, Daily five training, emotions, short, but incredibly long days and ENErGy (some good and some hard!) 

For parents, December brings many of the same issues: snow(grr!), anticipation for the holidays, bills, getting snow gear ready, scheduling everything, high emotions (some good and some hard), and short, yet incredibly long days… All of this on top of the kid issues (see list above!)

So, as a parent, and a teacher of kinders, I have done something this year…. Something magical, something hard, and something very uncomfortable: (here’s where I share!)

I gave myself permission ….

I gave myself permission to skip holiday cards even though I worry people will think I am ignoring them.

I gave myself permission to let my kinders play twice a day (yup, twice a day) for my sanity and theirs.

I gave myself permission to admit my stress through the end of my grad program to my closest people.

I gave myself permission to “opt out” of some things at work.

I gave my classroom elf permission to do funny things and get my studendts overly excited just so see the sparkle in their eyes. (Totally worth it!)

I gave myself permission to take time to reflect, breathe, play piano, read stories, organize my closet, email my high school friends, go on a date with my husband, not do a fundraiser and to cry. 

We need to all give ourselves permission to step back and make it work. We all work hard, we all need help, and we are all so lucky to have what we have…. So during this December take time to give yourself “permission” to bring it down just ONE notch…. You aren’t failing, you aren’t letting anyone down, you are creating peace, balance and happiness that in then end gets reflected on your children! It’s worth it!!

Happy December!


Bebes and

our “naughty” classroom elf !


3 thoughts on “Permission…..

  1. Sarah, you are amazing! Seriously this is so awesome! I love how REAL you make the simplest things that can get overlooked so easily. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Amazing! Spoke right to me today! I will be doing this permission thing more! ❤️ Seriously such a blessing!

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  2. I love this! Yes, permission is a good thing to give yourself in all of these areas. In fact, just today I was worrying about Christmas cards and now after reading your e-mail, I give myself permission to not send and not feel guilty!  

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