Hey…. It’s me, Sara

Hey parents, it’s me, Sara. You don’t know this, but I have dreamt of being a teaching since I was five. I had to study my tail off for every A I got. I ran cross country, worked at McDonald’s, Target, and a little Italian joint through high school. I quit show choir to be a PST for a high needs child with autism my senior year. I worked almost full time through college and took a ridiculous amount of credits each semester to graduate early so I could get into the classroom. I met my best friend and husband in Winona. I left Wisconsin to be a teacher. I got hired by the husband who happened to be a principal who happened to be the spouse of a woman I happened to sub for while they were on vacation and she was impressed. I waitressed full time through student teaching (undercover, because holding a job wasn’t “allowed” while we did our teaching even though we weren’t getting paid)… I fell in love, got married, had a baby, and got tenure by the age of 23. I left my six week old at daycare because I didn’t have sick leave… I bought a house, had another baby, moved schools twice, and started grad school. I spent hours and hours in the weekends, nights, mornings, vacations planning, prepping, organizing, communicating with families. I have been On PTA, run meetings, graduated from  grad school, coached soccer, been chair of the arthritis walk. I have struggled, cried, laughed, been sick. I have questioned my choices, worried about my impact, and made myself vulnerable. I have been judged as a teacher, a peer, and as a mother. I have worked at a marriage for ten years, been a mom for eight, a best friend for 30, and a teacher for 11 years. I am Ms. Bebeau, Mom, Sara, auntie, daughter, friend, wife  and that girl who is always talking. I am a person, I am educated, I am a professional, I am silly. I am an artist with children and a communicator. I am a person who has chosen to be with your children not because I know all the answers or because I am the smartest but because I care about learning, I care about children, and I know it takes a village. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a woman. I am a person. I am doing the best I can with the resources I have given the time I have, and I hope in this moment I can remind you of your strengths, struggles, passions and impacts. 

With love,



One thought on “Hey…. It’s me, Sara

  1. And then there were tears…your impact is far and wide and your love even farther and wider! I see you…all of these things you list…you are a tremendous person and my boys and the rest of my family has been blessed by your presence in our lives! Thank you! What a genuine post.


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