What’s the buzz???

The “buzz” of learning is a hard thing to explain in all classroom settings. However, yesterday during our daily five block (55 minutes of literacy centers/ guided reading) I was taken aback by the “buzz” of learning going on within the four walls of my kinder classroom. There were four kiddos at my guided reading table using fluency phones to practice expression, kiddos reading to self, kids practicing writing and sight words, kids listening to reading, kiddos writing,  and students working on phonics skills… This is all happening at one time. If you have a kinder, or have had a kinder, or have ever known a kinder, you can recognize the miracle/ wowness (not sure this is a word) of this phenomenon that 21, 5-6 year olds can work independently and successfully at literacy activities successfully while one teacher (the 1 adult in the room) pulls 4-5 differentiated reading groups for specific reading instruction. It’s intentional, it’s fun, it’s complex, and, to be totally honest, it’s a miracle.

This work is fun.

This work is hard.

This work is intentional, and this work is powerful.

With passion and love,




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