Parents Parents What Do I See?

Kinder parents, it’s here. You did it. We are in the last 7 days of the school year and you and your little person survived,maybe even enjoyed this amazing year of learning and growth. As I begin to pack, reflect, and plan for the upcoming year I see so many things. Today, as I was working on finishing our memory books, I saw our September self-portraits, and then our May self-portraits (see above), and it got me thinking about all that I was “SEE”-ing here at the end of the year. 

Beyond seeing the amazing reading scores, and letter and sound id, the fabulous writing, the number concepts, the sharing, the communication, the play, and the stamina, I see something different. I see children who have learned to ask questions when they are confused. I have see children who make eye contact,and TRULY  listen to others when they speak. I see 5 and six year olds explaining their thinking. My kinders have learned to complete tasks, help friends, zip their coats, zip-up BEFORE leaving the restroom,and open a milk carton. They have learned to greet each other and their teacher in the morning. They have learned compassion, patience, and grit. They have learned to do it themself, and help other’s when they can’t. They have learned to stop and listen. They have learned self-control. They have learned how to clean up.

This group of kinders has learned what it means to be LEARNERS. I can’t begin to express how proud I am of these little people who have become a family. Beyond the scores, the levels, the grades, I see children who really SEE themselves,and SEE others and more importantly BELIEVE in themselves,and believe in others. Seeing these self-portraits is an amazing visual of the level of learning that has gone on this year!

The stress and the logistics of closing up a year can cloud our ability to really see the “little” things, which it turns out are the BIG things in life!  There is always MORE to learn, MORE to do, and MORE to worry about: I challenge you to take a minute (yes, right now) and think about your kinder from 8 months ago and compare that little one to the kiddo you have now.

Well done parents…..growing people is not an easy task and it truly takes a village. I am proud to be part of your village.

With Love,





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